Motherhood - #BOYMOM

1 Girl and 4 boys... Keepin' it Fashionably Dirty

Isn't motherhood the very best?  I cannot imagine life any other way.  When I was growing up, my only sister and I were raised by our single mom.  We were also national synchronized swimmers and our mom was the head coach of our club.  Synchronized swimming is primarily a female sport and on our team during that time it was all girls.  I didn't grow up around men or around boys for that matter.  One day on our way to practice my sister, mom and I were in the car.  I don't remember what the conversation was, but I remember being frustrated with the "drama".  So in a very dramatic effort I screamed out, "When I have kids I'm only having BOYS!  I can't stand all this GIRL DRAMA!!"  Well, the Lord is known to give you what you ask for.  

I have been blessed with THREE of the most amazing boys on the planet!  Of course I'm a bit bias because they are mine... But seriously, they are super awesome!  I love being there mom, but sometimes I find myself searching for a "how to raise boys" guid book as I take a shot in the dark tacking things like peeing standing up, constant wrestling and roughhousing, and what's just around the corner for my soon to be 15 year old?  Girls... Yinks!! I didn't grow up around boys so a lot of my parenting is trial and error.  But, isn't all parenting like that?  Or maybe it's just me... 

What I can tell you is that my mom is awesome, guys!  She raised me to be confident, proud, and resilient.  She taught me to fight for what I want, dream big, and to always believe in myself.  She taught me how to work hard and diligently and to never give up on something I believe in.  As we live in a time where women are more empowered than ever, I have found myself suiting up and jumping right on board the #METOO movement train!  I'm proud to be a woman today!  I'm also a woman who is raising boys to be great men.  

My mission with the Fashionably Dirty blog is to create a community that is committed to raising amazing boys in today's world.  With the focus being on empowering women, let us not forget about the boys that we are bringing up today.  Let's open the conversation of how to raise boys who are kind, respectful, successful, and just plain AWESOME!  Boys and girls, men and women - We are all better together.  

These are my Fashionably Dirty Mommy Diaries.