Hello, I'm Stephanie 

I'm a photographer and mother to three amazing boys and the gal of one good lookin' dude.  We live in the beautiful PNW in Gig Harbor, WA.  I love taking photos, going on adventures with my boys, and spending time reading and learning new things.

Today is an amazing time to be a women!  There's so much opportunity and I feel blessed to be surrounded by wonderful, empowering, and confidant women in my life.  Being a mother to all boys is the very BEST and especially during this day and age where women have such a powerful voice in the world. In this era of the #METOO movement, I sincerely believe that it is crucial to remember the boys that we are bringing up today.  They will be the men of tomorrow. 

Every day is a blessing and each day we are presented with new opportunities.  I believe that anything can be accomplished through love and faith. I hope you will join along on this adventures as well. 

Appreciation and Joy -

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