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The Fashionably Dirty world of Raising boys

Hello, I'm StephaniE Dyane...

Welcome to Fashionably Dirty! I’m a mother of three boys who is committed to raising our boys to be champions of their lives.  Through love, kindness, empathy, dirty knees, mudpuddles, and bumps and bruises.  This is a community where we believe that we are better together.     

Parenting is not always easy, but having children is the most rewarding privilege in the world.   It doesn’t always look perfect, but we do our best to gracefully navigate life.  Sometimes we get a bit dirty, but we brush ourselves off and continue to #MomStrong

It’s 2019 and we are raising our boys to be the men of future generations.  My goal is to raise kind Gentle-Men.   

So, let’s #BoyMom this adventure of #RaisingGentlemen because this world is #BetterTogether !

Stephanie Dyane


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It all started HERE with my love for people, relationships, and creativity.  I found that the best way I could express myself in the world was through the eye of my camera.  I was 15 when I knew I wanted to be a photographer.  It has been such a blessing to truly LOVE the work that I do.