Time doesn't wait on perfection

How long are you willing to wait on your circumstances before you’re ready to begin? “Once I get this together, I can start. Once this gets sorted out, I’ll begin.  Once I complete this, then I’ll be ready.”  

I’ve spent the majority of the year immersed in books, journaling, reflection, education, and research.  I have gravitated towards the meaning of purpose.  What is my purpose here in the world?  I think a lot of us ask ourselves the same question.  As a mother, I know the gift of motherhood and raising my boys is a great purpose that I serve!  

Beyond parenthood, do you ever ask yourself the question: “Why am I here and what is it that I need to overcome and/or accomplish during this lifetime?”  I’ve spent many years circling around this question.  Recently I’ve come close to answering it. However, it’s occurred to me that I will not find the answer in research alone.  

The answers will only emerge through the actions I take.  

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I don’t think I’m alone when I say - if you’re waiting on things to be ‘perfect’ in order to begin, you’ll never start. Time doesn’t’ wait on perfectionism. One day you’ll wake up and all that time will have passed.  Will life look perfect?  Probably not. Time will continue counting down no matter how prepared you are.

Begin the journey and take the steps that will lead you to answers.  When you look back, you will see the path that you’ve created.  The final destination will be clear and your purpose will be fulfilled.  

God doesn’t promise us tomorrow. That is a fact.  At the end of the day I want to reflect and know that I did my best work.  I’m dedicated to my children and being a woman who they can be proud to call their mother.  I’m willing to take the hard road to achievement and not settle on the easy way out of complicated situations. I find that I’m often worried about the anticipated negative criticism from other people.  

Recently I heard someone say that the critic is the person that is too busy criticizing and not spending their time creating.  

I am a creator.


My reason for creating the Fashionably Dirty blog is simple.  It’s a place that I can share what I’m most passionate about.  I can talk about my triumphs and shortcomings of motherhood. It’s also a place where I can document my memories with my boys because I have a deep rooted fear that one day I will forget… 

I want to discuss the importance of raising boys during a #METOO era. Being a tenacious woman, I’ve found that there’s no better time than now to be a mother to three amazing boys.  This is an opportunity to learn and start the conversation of how to raise boys to be strong yet sensitive men. Men who are able to share their feelings and not harbor them inside.  I want to break the stigma that if you cry or show emotion; you’re weak.  

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My prayer for my boys is that they grow into strong yet epithetic and compassionate men. How will I do this?  What is my plan?  Those are the questions that I don’t have the answers to.  The only answer that I have is that everything I do is through love and faith.  I will not allow fear to hold me back.  When fear arises (as it always does) I will recognize and acknowledge it, then simply ask Fear to take a back seat on this journey.  

Everyday is a new day to make a difference in this world and take one step closer in fulfilling what you were set out to achieve.  I hope that you will visit often.  Your comments, questions, and feedback are always welcome.

With Appreciation and Joy,

Stephanie Dyane

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