Where have you been, Fashionably Dirty?!

Sometimes you just have to come clean and say it… I messed up!! I’m totally embarrassed that I started the Fashionably Dirty Blog over a YEAR ago and I’ve only written SEVEN blog posts in that time period!  What the heck, y’all?! 

It’s funny because it’s been eating at me for a few months that I need to get back on the horse and BLOG… I have so many ideas, information to share and learn, and stories that I want to tell.  I’m eager to collaborate and learn from all of you too!  But what’s been in back of my head this whole time is that once I post, for the first time in FOREVER, I’m going to have to really come clean and say, “Yep!  I failed and I’m sorry.”  I’m so embarrasses to say that there were only 7 posts… SEVEN!! You know how many days we have in a year?  A lot more than seven…

So from here on out I’m going to promise you more posts.  Today, I give grace to myself and say, “Everyone!! I’ve been really freaking busy this past year making humans, raising humans, finishing up corporate jobs, running a business, taking classes, holding down the fort we call home, AND starting a NEW business!!” 

With that being said, I hope that you will understand and maybe if I’m lucky you will give me a second chance to redeem myself.  I don’t want to over promise, but I want to commit to at least ONE post a week!  Can you imagine?  That would be 52 posts in this next year!  That’s a damn good increase from my 2016-2017 failed attempt… 

Wow!  That is such a stress relief!  I feel so much better that I got that out on the table.  Thank you for listening to my crazy vent.  So here we go... 

Going Forward:

This post will be a recap of the past year.  What’s happening and where things are going.  It’s exciting so I hope that you will join me for the adventure and share with me whenever you you’d like.  I love the feeling of community and I would love to build that here.  Being a mom of three, I feel like it’s hard to create community around us.  Us moms are up early and to bed late.  I’ve lost that surrounding.  I’m egxcited to build it up once again and start something new! 


Stephanie Dyane Photography-2017-1355.jpg

Henry –

As most of you know, little Henry was born last September.  It’s hard to believe that he will be ONE in just a couple months!  Billy will be three!  The little boys are exactly two years and ten days apart.  How cute is that?!  Henry is totally my little snuggle bug.  He loves to hug!  I can’t get enough of him and I hope that he gives big bear hugs forever! I can see myself so old and his big blue eyes and smile greeting me at the door with a big ol' HENRY hug.  Ugh, priceless… He already wants to play with Billy and be a “big boy”.  For now, he is only crawling and he has a ways to go.  However, he’s so big!  Henry is almost 10 months and weighs 24 lbs!  That’s a big baby!  He’s in the 98th percentile and already ahead of Billy in size at this age. He will be catching up to him in no time at all.

Billy –

Billy… Oh my sweet Billy.  I can’t explain what an amazing soul this little boy has.  He’s an old soul who has so much compassion for others.  His friendly and inviting personality is such a gift.  Billy's laugh is contagious and he’s always being silly and entertaining everyone around him.  Little Billy is on the go, nonstop!  He’s always busy doing something and usually that “something” leads to him getting some sort of scrap or burse.  He’s all boy!  Digging in the dirt, helping in the garden, looking for frogs, trying to BBQ, uses power tools, drive the truck… You know, all those “boy things”.  Ugh, he sends me for a scare at least once a day, if not twice.  My theory with Billy is:  If it’s not broken or bleeding, it’s okay! “Be TOUGH!”  Billy will say, through tears.  “Billy’s be Tough!”  And on the flipside, if he sees mommy cry he says in his sweet voice, “Mommy’s sad?  It’s okay Mommy… (hug) Be tough!”  ;)  He is an angle!

Kole –

My oldest.  My first born.  The guy who has truly been by my side through it all… He will be 14 in November and it’s so hard to imagine that my first baby is very much so a young man.  Kole had a great seventh grade year and I’m so happy for him and proud of the progress that he made.  For starters, he grew three inches!  He is now 5 feet 8 inches tall!  That is two inches taller than me.  Do you know how weird it is to parent and discipline a young man that is bigger and taller than you?  For those of you that know what I’m talking about, you will understand that it’s just WEIRD!  The line is so fine when it comes to remembering that this big guy is still just a child… That shaves!  Anyone that has known me before Kole was born and throughout Kole and I’s life, will understand the prayers that we have been praying have been answered.  This year Kole found his passion.  I’ve been praying for this for so very long… Kole is on the Gig Harbor Kayaking and Canoeing Team.  This team has been the biggest blessing in Kole’s life!  He LOVES it!  At a minimum of four days a week, Kole is on the water, in the harbor, kayaking around and learning the sport.  With that, as every athlete or former athlete knows, comes team building, goal setting, goal accomplishing, learning how to win, learning how to loses, making friends, learning responsibility, and so many other wonderful life skills.  On the plus side, the Gig Harbor team just happens to be one of the best in the Nation!  They have won nationals four years in a row with the exception of last year.  This year they plan to take back their title.  Kole will be more competitive next summer once he has a year under his belt.  It will be so fun to see where this sport takes him (mama says COLLEGE)!! Kole started on the team in February.  It was 32 degrees outside and he literally froze!  There was not ONE day that Kole didn’t want to go to practice.  I was like, “Who’s kid is this??” He paddled every day that he could and now he’s off for the summer for his previously planned vacations.  He’s excited to see family, but bummed that he will be missing his boat and team mates.  Next summer will be different and I’m so excited for him.  Like I said, this is SUCH a blessing for Kole!  We are all so happy for him. 

Stephanie Dyane Photography-4908.jpg


Holy carp!  This year has been so awesome and crazy and we are only half way into it!  At the end of December 2016 I gave my resignation to my corporate job.  I would be leaving to focus on my own business and spend more time for my boys.  I left them with a promise that we would find a replacement for me that was great!  Well we found that amazing person, but it took a little longer than expected.  I dove into my photography head first with an amazing trip to Vegas where I worked with two amazing models.  I started working more with Debbie Macomber, Best Selling Author, and her team who is SO awesome!  I love being a part of their journey.  In May one of the top financial advising companies in the country asked me to do the photography for their new website.  As we talked, we concluded that I would design their website for them as we work together to build the platform that features them in every aspect that they are thriving for.  After a few discussions, we agreed that I would drive this project.  I was so very thrilled!!  I’ve dedicated the majority of my time to this website and I’m so excited for it to launch at the end of this month.  This opportunity has led to other website design opportunities that I will be taking on.  I will soon be launching my own NEW business and website that is dedicated to a personal relationship with corporate clients who are looking to rebrand or launch their website going through more of a personal and intimate process. I will share more about this at another time, but it has evolved into something that I’ve completely fallen in love with! 

I continue to photograph beautiful families, seniors, and models!   My only struggle is finding the time to completely revise my www.stephaniedyane.com website and update everything!! That is totally on my to-do list!!

This journey called life is so amazing… I’m truly riding on the clouds of my dreams. When you have a goal, you don’t give up.  When you have a passion that you love, you never walk away.  I’ve done the work.  I’ve lived the ups and the downs, as they still continue to send me on a rollercoaster ride.  But when I wake up in the morning, I’m so very happy!  I’m happy that I have the “job” of my dreams and that I have the privilege to be the mother to the most amazing three boys in the world.  Hand and hand with a super amazing guy.

Cheers to the first blog post in a LONG time!  I’m making a pledge to post every week.  Feel free to hold me to it!! There are some of you out there that I know will. ;) 

Much love to you all… Happy Monday!