Henry's 6 Months // Our Littlest Love

How did time fly this fast?  I swear, everyday that I get older, I notice that our life is passing by at lightning speeds!  I can't believe that Henry is already 6 months old!  Now that I've moved on from the corporate world, I have more time to focus on our little ones.  It's been so nice... My plan (amongst many plans) is to blog much more on the Fashionably Dirty blog as well as the www.stephaniedyane.com blog.  I love sharing our stories, but I really love logging and documenting our days and photos so that we can go back and look at them years down the road.  We have so many great memories and many planned adventures in the near future...  Since life is moving so fast, this is one way to stop that moment in time and cherish it; then revisit it later.  Hence, why I love photography!! 

So today I share Henry's 6 month photoshoot.  He was such a trouper through the shoot even though he's not been feeling very well the past few weeks.  He has the worst cold, but we are praying that he gets better and healthy soon.  

Some Henry Facts:  He is a HUGE baby!  Henry is in the 98th percentile for hight and weight.  Just like his brother Billy.  However, Henry is already proving to be even bigger than Billy was at this age!  Henry loves to laugh and watch his brother Billy play.  He's so very attentive and he's eager to play and have fun.  

Kole is great with Henry and holds him and plays with him when we are in need of things like taking a shower, making dinner, or juggling other household tasks.  You know... just those little things are are greatly needed in life! 

Daddy is Henry's favorite person.  They like to take morning naps on the weekend and make weird gurgling fart noises at each other.  That's very normal in my house... 

Henry is mommies little cuddle monkey.  He loves to ride in the front pack and be held.  We could not be more proud of this little/big blue eyed boy.  He has our hearts and we grow more and more in love with him everyday.  

Our mini photo shoot lasted about 20 mins.  Then Henry was over it... And when Henry is over it, he will let you know!  Henry is either "really happy" or "really mad".  So when he's really mad you know it's time to wrap-up whatever you're doing and move on.  I was happy to get a few great photos of Mr. Blue Eyes.  We love you little Henry!! 

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