July 4th 2016 // Fireworks & Airplanes // Boys Will Be Boys

I won't lie... When approaching the 4th of July my biggest thought is to keep everyone safe.  As a mother, you know what I'm talking about. Billy is almost two years old and Kole is almost thirteen.  We have one boy that wants to eat fireworks and poke himself in the eye and another who wants full control of lighting off fireworks and blowing things up.  This is every moms nightmare.  Goal:  Don't lose your mind and keep everyone alive.

On July 3rd we started the day at the Gig Harbor Wheels and Wings Airshow.  Billy is obsessed with airplanes these days, so seeing a few up close and personal was the equivalent to a Justin Bieber spotting for a thirteen year old girl.  Kole was more excited that there was a donut truck on-sight and that when he asked for a donut I said, yes.  This doesn't happen often.  I can't blame him for getting tired of green salads and veggies.  It's Independence Day weekend.  Nothing says independence like stuffing your face with an oversized donut.  Knock yourself out!

Once we got home and finished with some yard work we decided to let Kole light off some fireworks.  He has been asking and obsessing about them all week, as he does every year.  As Kole prepared his firework show, Billy was eagerly trying to help set up.  This makes mom nervous of course.  We were not sure how Billy was going to respond to all the loud noises.  When the first few were let off he ran into the house crying, but as we eased him into watching the fireworks, he became more accustom to the loud pops and cracks.  Then he really started to enjoy the mini show.  Mission accomplished!

On the 4th we decided to go to a friends house where they hold an annual 4th of July party on the lake.  Naturally I realized that we're now on double duty.  This means:  No eating fireworks, no blowing yourself up, and absolutely NO drowning!  We've got it!!

Kole's firework etiquette was perfect.  He did a great job assisting the adults in the firework show and lighting sparklers for the younger kids.  Billy cheered and clapped his hands as he said, "WOW" every time a firework was lit off into the sky.  My pregnant belly waddled around and didn't get too sore from the multiple sprints to Billy's attempted swimming ventures.

 I couldn't help but think about what next year will bring.  Once little baby Henry has joined the family and Billy is two and a half, we will really have our hands full.  Oh, and not to mention our thirteen year old boy and his firework show.  It will be another adventure for the books, that's for sure.

We hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!